Wireless Services

Drive Testing

Even though modern wireless systems deliver more and more performance data there is always a need to measure the performance of the network in the field. 

These measurements can either be part of:

  • Optimization of the wireless network
  • Benchmarking of performance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Assessing implementation and installation of new carriers
  • Measuring capacity, coverage and quality of service

WiViSolutions Drive Testing service generally includes:

  • Route planning
  • Walk testing
  • Vehicle movement
  • Post-processing Report

When data is analyzed and compared to key performance indicators (KPIs), WiViSolutions RF engineers are then responsible for assessing the performance of the network and identifying critical areas which may require additional work. As the on-going functionality of mobile networks is crucial, RF drive tests have an important and vital role in maintaining the infrastructure.

WiViSolutions RF engineers perform the post-processing task, which follows closely and aims to deliver a summary report of the measurements. Outlines thematic maps and various statistics to provide the optimization engineer with a fair picture of the quality of the network presented in an easy way, which helps to identify potential areas of network performance improvement at a glance.

The report is a process to show the summary of the performance parameters in the result of a drive test. The parameters usually called by KPI (Key Performance Indicators). In general, KPI is divided into two types, event KPI and radio KPI. Examples of event KPIs are the call drop rate, the call setup success rate, the transfer success rate, etc. And the examples of radio KPI are RxLev, RxQual, BER, etc.

WiViSolutions has extensive experience in the use of different types of measuring equipment. We are currently using the measurement system of all major suppliers.

New technologies have new requirements and challenges and WiViSolutions is constantly developing new ways to collect data and performing these services depending on customer’s requirements.

RF Engineering Services

The networks must be fine-tuned to produce the best service at the lowest possible cost, in order to provide the best commercial results for an operator.

WiViSolutions goal is to create value through engineering change and ensure sustainable changes. WiViSolutions helps its clients in the evolution of a reactive approach to a proactive one, anticipating problems before they occur, thus reducing costs and improving quality.

Optimization involves monitoring and improving the performance of the radio network. Start with the last planning phase of the radio network. A cellular network covers a large area and provides capacity for many people, so there are many parameters involved that are variable and must be continuously monitored and corrected. Apart from this, the network is always growing through an increasing number of subscribers and increases in traffic. This means that the optimization process must be ongoing, to increase network efficiency and generate revenue from the network.

WiViSolutions RF Optimization Service generally includes:

  • Monitoring KPIs
  • KPI Troubleshooting using Layer 3 trace analysis
  • KPI Troubleshooting using counters
  • VoLTE
  • KPI analysis for new carrier additions

With many years of optimization in wireless networks, WiViSolutions has unique knowledge about network optimization.